# How It Works

At its core, Codotype is just fancy machinery that makes it easier to create files and directories programatically.

but its structure, opinions, and surounding tools make it much more powerful

The contents of the resulting files and the structure of their surrounding directories is entirely open to configuration - it's not just a tool for any one programming language.

# Repositories

codotype (opens new window)

Core library code shared across the codotype ecosystem

codotype-web (opens new window)

Frontend web application for Codotype

codotype-api (opens new window)

Server API for running codotype generators

codotype-cli (opens new window)

CLI frontend for Codotype

codotype-generator-starter-kit (opens new window)

A starter kit for new codotype generators

codotype.github.io (opens new window)

Official documentation site for codotype.io (opens new window)

codotype-branding (opens new window)

Brand assets shared across the codotype projects

# Generators

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